Cycling BMX

BMX (Bicycle Moto Cross) is one of the four disciplines of the Olympic sport of Cycling.

Did you know?

After the Games, a BMX circuit will remain in the Olympic Park for everyone to enjoy.
BMX was inspired by motocross, the motorised version of the sport.

Key facts

Venue: BMX Circuit
Dates: Wednesday 8 – Friday 10 August
Gold medals up for grabs:

BMX: a history of the sport

Bicycle moto cross (BMX) started in the late 1960s in California, around the time that motocross became a popular sport in the USA. The motorised version of the sport was the inspiration for the human-powered competition.

A sanctioning body for BMX in the USA was created in the early 1970s. Over the following decade, the sport gradually gained in international popularity.

In April 1981, the International BMX Federation was founded. It became evident that the sport had more in common with cycling than motorcycling. This was officially recognised in 1993 when BMX was fully integrated into the International Cycling Union (UCI).

For more information on the history of the sport, visit the IOC website.

BMX at the Olympic Games

BMX is the newest Olympic Cycling discipline, making its debut at the Beijing 2008 Games.

How the competition runs

BMX races are held on short outdoor tracks that include jumps, bumps and tight banked corners.

Eight riders compete in each heat, with the top four qualifying for the next round. Races take about 40 seconds.

Get involved

Cycling is a great way to keep fit, as well as an environmentally-friendly means of transport.

British Cycling’s club development programme, called Go-Ride, is aimed at encouraging clubs to help young cyclists enjoy their cycling in a safe, off-road environment. For more information, see British Cycling and Union Cycliste Internationale.

The BMX competition at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

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