One of the main features of the Olympic and Paralympic Games are the ceremonies – from Handover at the end of Beijing 2008 to the Opening and Closing Ceremonies in 2012.

The Handover Ceremony in Beijing

The Handover Ceremonies

The first major events for London 2012 were the Closing Ceremonies of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (24 August) and Paralympic Games (17 September).

Each featured a special ‘Handover’ segment as we became the next Host City of the Summer Games. As part of the Ceremonies, a flag was passed from the Mayor of Beijing to the Mayor of London. It was followed by a short performance inviting the world to London for the 2012 Games.

The Handovers were also celebrated by millions of people across the UK.

The Torch Relay

The Torch Relay is an important part of the build up to the Games. Celebrating and uniting sport and culture, it will bring the spirit of the Games to the whole of the UK in the months leading up to the Opening Ceremony.

The Olympic Torch Relay

Lit in Olympia, the Olympic Flame will arrive in the UK on 18 May 2012. 8,000 Torchbearers will carry the Flame on a 70-day journey across all nations and regions, with entertainment, shows and concerts marking its arrival in each place. To ensure inclusion across the UK, the Flame will come within a one-hour journey for 95 per cent of the population.

In line with the bid promise to inspire and connect a new generation to the Olympic Movement, more than half of the Torchbearers are expected to be young people.

The Torchbearer nomination process is due to be announced in May 2011, giving people across the UK the chance to be involved in the historic countdown to the start of the London 2012 Games.

Coca-Cola, Lloyds TSB and Samsung are the Presenting Partners for the Torch Relay.

The Paralympic Torch Relay

The build-up to the Paralympic Games will also be marked by a UK-wide Paralympic Torch Relay in August 2012, and will feature various celebrations and events.

During the 2012 Games

Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Fireworks, music, dance, culture and the top athletes from around the world… Watched by a worldwide audience of one in three people, the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Games are always something to remember.

They will welcome the world to London, showcasing the diversity of the UK and setting the tone for the 2012 Games. They will recognise the competing athletes and celebrate the Olympic and Paralympic Values and a spirit of friendship – with a spectacular display of colour, excitement, pageantry and culture.

The UK’s creative industries have a worldwide reputation for excellence. We will draw on these resources for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Team Welcome

Each Olympic and Paralympic team will be welcomed to London as they arrive at the Olympic Village.
During these Team Welcome Ceremonies, they are greeted by the honorary Village Mayor and their national flag is raised to join the flags of the other competing nations, alongside those of the UK and the Olympic and Paralympic Movements.

Medal/Victory Ceremonies

Throughout the Games, athletes will be awarded medals and honoured for their achievements during Victory Ceremonies across the Olympic Venues.


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